A very happy New Year and new semester to you all!

The Mechanical Engineering DAMP blog is back online with many updates to come in the next few days. We hope that this blog will help us reach you, and you, reach us. The changes that have been made, or are coming in the next few days, are –

  1. 17 new course reviews, which takes the total number of course reviews to 40
  2. Updated FAQs (Regarding Minor-Honor, branch change, B.Tech to Dual Degree conversion, degree completion requirements)
  3. Updated team list and contacts

Make good use of the SHOUTBOX feature where you can voice your queries, concerns and suggestions. We will try our best to resolve any problems. Also, the DAMP Coordinators sit in the DUGC meetings and can put forth any valid concerns or suggestions in these meetings.

Feel free to get in touch. We are here to help.


Disclaimer: The information provided on the blog is liable to change according to department rules. Students are advised to confirm all relevant information with the department office. The DAMP team is not to be held responsible for any incorrect information

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