Department Electives

All the students are expected to complete a certain number of courses related to their department, as specified by the curriculum, which they can choose form a specified list of courses. These are the department electives.

The Mechanical department’s list of electives consists of course form departments of Mechanical Engineering (MExxx), Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IExxx) and Energy Science and Engineering (ENxxx).

For detailed information regarding these courses such as the course content, relevant books, other helpful material and course reviews please follow the corresponding links below.

Energy Science and Engineering

EN618 : Energy Systems Modelling and Analysis

Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

IE502: Probabilistic Models

IE 603: Discrete Event System Simulation

IE 611: Introduction to Stochastic processes 

IE705: Quantitative Methods in Project Management

Mechanical Engineering

ME 340: Analytical Methods in Engineering Applications

ME350: Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

ME415: Computational Fluid Dynamics & Heat Transfer

ME617: Rapid Product Development

ME 645: MEMS – Design, fabrication and characterization

ME 667: Laser Materials Processing

ME 670: Non Linear System Analysis & Control

ME 677: Laser Materials Processing

ME 679: Micromechanics of Composites

ME 684: Air Conditioning System Design

ME 704: Computational Methods in TFE

ME 710: Vibrations Engineering

ME 712: Computer Numerical Control & Programming

ME730: Ultra Precision Machining

ME 734: Vibro Acoustics

ME 735: Computer Graphics & Product Modelling

ME 748: Computer Aided Simulation of Machines

ME 754: Textile Machines and Design

ME 757: Galerkin Methods for Fluid Dynamics

ME 762: Advanced Engineering Dynamics

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