Minor Courses

A Minor is an additional credential, a student will earn if he/ she does minimum 30 credits worth of additional learning in a discipline other than his/ her major discipline. Most of the academic units in the Institute offer minors in their disciplines, and prescribe a specific set of courses and/ or other activities like projects for earning a minor in that discipline.

After the completion of credits under the stipulated time period, a minor degree is awarded to the student. Dual degree students are allowed to register for a minor only if they have a CPI above 8.0.

AE153: Introduction to Aerospace Engineering

AE 234: Aircraft Propulsion

AE 415: Spaceflight Mechanics

CS 213: Data Structures and Algorithms

CS 224: Computer Networks

HS207: Social Psychology

HS457: Managerial Economics

MG401: Marketing Management

MG402: Human Resource Management

MG406: Operations Management

EP252: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

EP332: Thermal and Statistical Physics

EP432: Condensed Matter Physics

PH401: Classical Mechanics

SI417: Introduction to Probability Theory

SI402: Statistical Inference

SI527: Introduction to Derivative Pricing

SI404: Applied Stochastic Processes