ME 316 KDoM

Course Code/Name: ME 316 Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines

Description: This course provides an insight into the building blocks of machines, i.e. the various mechanisms that make machines, and their kinematic and dynamic analysis. KDOM covers a wide variety of mechanisms and methods to analyze them.

Course Contents:
The course is divided into two major sections. One involves study of the kinematics of mechanisms, and the other involves study of dynamics of machinery.
The kinematics part involves:

  • Degrees of freedom, types of joints and motions
  • Different types of linkages, their uses and inversions
  • 4 bar linkage: displacement, velocity and acceleration (analytical technique)
  • Graphical techniques for kinematics
  • Cam motions: Principle, standard cam-follower motion design

The dynamics part involves:

  • Dynamic (force) analysis of 4 bar linkage, slider crank mechanism
  • Primary and Secondary unbalanced forces and their balancing for crankshafts of different engine designs; Optimal cylinder firing order
  • Introduction to vibration theory and resonance of structures

Motivation: As a mechanical engineer, you are supposed to have a basic knowledge of how and why machines work. This course provides you with basic tools that you need to use to design mechanisms and machines, be it a simple screw jack or Optimus Prime, if at all.
Since this course is “basic”, it does not provide you with any end product, but it is an essential prerequisite for all the “advanced” courses (like machine design) and applications you are going to come across, directly and indirectly.

Useful resources:
While it is a good practice to refer to textbooks or video lectures besides your class notes, it is also important to remember that these sources may not be flawless. Reference material should only be used as a tool to strengthen concepts and not as a substitute for your class notes.

Books Recommended:
1.Mechanism and Machine Theory;  JS Rao and Dukkipati; Wiley Eastern, New
2. Theory of Mechanism and Machine; A Ghosh and AK Malik, East West Press
(Pvt.) Ltd., New Delhi.
3. Theory of Machines; SS Rattan: Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.
4. Theory of Machines by RS Khurmi and JK Gupta; S.Chand and Company Ltd.,
New Delhi.
5. Theory of Machines and Mechanisms by PL Ballaney; Khanna Publishers, New
6. Kinematic Synthesis of Linkages. Available online at

Internet Resources:

  • Degrees of freedom, types of joints and motions:

Interesting Trivia:

  • 4 bar linkage: displacement, velocity and acceleration
  1. and
  • Some demonstrations of the Corioli’s Effect and Acceleration
  1. and
  • 6 legged walker mechanism:
  • Kinetic Sculptures:
  • Walking Bicycle Mechanism:
  • Wall climber mechanism:
  • Variable Speed Gears:
  • Mechanical Car Crusher:

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