PH401: Classical Mechanics

Prof. Punit Parmananda

Course Description and Contents:

Introduces Lagrangian and Hamiltonian approaches and tackles problems similar to those done in high school using those. Covers central force problems, calculus of variation, rigid body rotation, small oscillations and Coriolis forces. Concepts taught in this course can be applied to several engineering problems as well.

Attendance, Course Load and Grading:

Attendance compulsory. 80% rule enforced.

One or two assignments (just for learning and not graded). Two quizzes, midsem and endsem. 3 hour classes per week plus some added self study.

Added Information:

Lectures are excellent. Note taking not allowed. Listen and understand the concepts being taught. Very entertaining lectures. One of the best profs I have come across.


Classical Mechanics by Goldstein