MG406: Operations Management

Prof. Rahul J Patil

Course Description and Contents:

This is a medium pressure course which provides very essential knowledge to understand the Operations function. Highly Beneficial course for those planning to pursue a techno-managerial job/ work in FMCG’s. 

Course Load and Grading:

Medium Course Load, class assignments (easy to solve), Easy quizzes (in class), surprise quizzes (2) – 5 % weightage, Midsem and Endsem easy to score if you have understood the content well. 

Watch out for surprise quizzes, marks are cut after a threshold number of absents. 3 hours of effort weekly or slogging before exams.

References and Added Information:

Average quality of lectures. Easy to score with a little effort. Lecture Notes, slides, Case studies and rest of the material is uploaded on Moodle.