MG402: Human Resource Management

Prof. Ashish Pandey

Course Description:

This course is a minimum pressure and easy to score course, which provides a basic understanding about the HR strategies as well as the organisational structure adopted by different sectors. Medium benefits, helps understand the structure of different organisations.

Course Contents:

It focuses on real life case studies, improves your presentation skills with an end term project. Overall projects and assignments are based on case studies and mid-sem and end sem are also based on lecture slides and cases discussed in class.

Attendance, Course Load and Grading:

Attendance not compulsory.

Course Load is low, assignments are well spread out throughout the course and are group assignments. Apart from that there are quizzes, an endsem and a midsem with an end term project. 

2 hours max per week of effort, or slogging in the end but that is also minimal.

References and Added Information:

Average quality of lectures.  Slides and Case Studies uploaded or mailed on Moodle.