MG401: Marketing Management

Prof. Arti Kalro and Prof. Dinesh Sharma 

Course Description and Contents:

This course is divided into two halves, both profs taking one half each. It provides a broad overview of marketing. The second half focuses more on digital marketing techniques. The first basic course in management. If you want to complete a management minor this is a must.

 Attendance, Course Load and Grading:

Attendance not compulsory for the second half.

There will be easy quizzes if you just go through material given in class. There will be many case studies, a group presentation or two, apart from that easy midsem and endsem. 3 hours lectures per week, 2 hours per week at least apart from them.

Added Information:

First half lectures- Excellent, Second half – Average, not engaging. Class notes, even slides won’t help much. You will need to take notes. Prof Kalro is one of my favorite profs in institute till date and you won’t want to miss any of her lectures.