ME730: Ultra Precision Machining

Prof. S. S. Joshi


The course is designed so as to give you a general idea about the behaviour of atoms and grains when very precise machining is required. A lot of techniques will be covered. Some examples are diamond cutting, photolithography, etc.

Course Content:

  1. Development of machining techniques to yield precise finish
  2. Functioning of high resolution microscopes like Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM), etc.
  3. Diamond machining techniques
  4. Photolithography, X-ray lithography
  5. Development of Silicon chips

Grading Structure:

2-3 Quizzes, 1 Midsem, 1 Endsem, 1 course project worth 20% weightage.

A 5″x7″ cheatsheet is allowed for midsem and endsem. A normalized grading structure is followed, neither too strict nor too liberal.

Resources and References:

Slides are provided.

Additional Comments:

Thorough study of slides is enough.