ME617: Rapid Product Development

Prof. Karunakaran


The success of innovative engineering processes depends on short and iterative development cycles which offer the possibility of high quality products, cost efficient operation and to survive the cutthroat competition in the industry. All these new methods are covered under rapid product development. For example, If we want to know the drag that will exist in an airplane profile, we are not going to make an airplane and then test it. We are actually going to make a scaled model and then test it in a wind tunnel. And then we will make changes to the profile if the results are not upto the mark and test it further.

Motivation and Key learning:

The motivation is that RPD is being used in almost all types of product design fields and is growing extensively. The key learning from the course is the exposure to various technologies and processes which are being used currently at the industrial level. Hence, it is a very relevant course in today’s technology-led manufacturing world.

Course Content:

  1. Introduction to CAD/CAM through common database
  2. Display Devices
  3. Introduction to solid modelling
  4. STL Devices
  5. Overview of rapid product development and manufacturing
  6. Virtual and augmented reality
  7. Introduction to CNC
  8. Optimization of NC programs through virtual machining

Students need to do a seminar in group of 2. Basically a 15-20 page report and a 5 min presentation. Some of the topics will be given by the professor, you can either select from them or select your own topic which is relevant to the course. The report and presentation is to be made after going through some research papers on that topic. It is important to understand the paper thoroughly and have a clear idea of everything being presented.

Grading Structure:

Presentation- 15%

Rest depends on professor.

References and Resources:

The lecture slides given by the professor are very extensive and they will be more than enough. Previous years question papers and google search may be needed to understand a few concepts.