ME 754: Textile Machines and Design


The course is a one of its kind course in the institute. It gives an overall picture of how cloth is made from the raw material. It focuses on the machines in the shop floor of a textile industry, and the various mechanisms involved in it.

Course Content:

  1. Fibre properties
  2. Blowroom cleaning
  3. Carding machine
  4. Draw frame
  5. Speed frame
  6. Ring frame
  7. Weaving
    1. Shedding
    2. Picking
    3. Beat up

Material, including scanned copies of parts of relevant books and some material that he has prepared, from which he teaches in class. The midsem and endsem are open notes. Thus, class notes are necessary, and should be sufficient along with the other material shared by the professor. Some references given by the professor are:

  1. Weaving: Conversion of Yarn to Fabric by Peter Reeves Lord, Mansour H. Mohamed
  2. Principles of Weaving by Marks and Robinson
  3. A Practical Guide to Ring Spinning by Werner Klein


Quiz – 10%

Midsem – 25%

Assignment – 15%

Endsem – 50%

The Assignment involved reading up a new and innovative technology in textile industry, and preparing a report on it.


The professor shares some reading matOverview:

The course delves into the state of the art of the textile industry. It starts off with a basic understanding of fibre properties, and then the various machines used for processing fibre, from its cleaning to the final yarn.