HS457: Managerial Economics

Prof. Surajit Bhattacharya

Course Description and Contents:

This course is very good when it comes to the practicality and relation to daily life examples. It’s a well structured course which introduces new strategic concepts related to Micro and Macro economics. Gives a very good taste of strategic management and the economics which goes behind it. Useful if you are looking for a career in finance/management/economics.

Attendance, Course Load and Grading:

100% compulsory attendance. You will be asked to justify your absence in the next class.

2 quizzes and 5-6 graded (3-4 marks each) assignments. 3 hours a week during classes and 3 hours a week on assignments/quizzes

The only con of this course is the grading system. The instructor expects you to know every concept of HS 101 and awards only 1 AA, 2 ABs (following the trend from the past 3 years).


His notes are very descriptive but still he urges you to use 5-6 references (can do good in the course even without using the references)

Added Information:

Very good lectures, informative and full of discussions.