EP252: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

Prof. Pragya Das

Course Description and Course Contents:

Lays out the basic principles and notations used in Quantum Mechanics. Dirac notation and the basic theory of angular momentum is covered. The course ends with symmetries in quantum mechanics. If Quantum Mechanics really interests you,you can study
it further by taking Quantum Mechanics 2 as an institute elective.  
Necessary if you want to take your understanding of QM to the next level by studying QM 2 and QM 3.

Attendance, Course Load and Grading:

10 marks for attendance and class participation.

Tutorials conducted regularly. Really helpful from exam point of view (direct questions have been asked in midsem and endsem. Course is pretty easy if you stay up to date on the concepts taught in class.

Lectures are average. Teaching style is a little boring. But tutorials are solved in class and should not be missed. 3 hours classes per week plus 1-2 hours for tutorials.


Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by DJ Griffiths

Modern Quantum Mechanics by JJ Sakurai