EN618 : Energy Systems Modelling and Analysis

Prof. Suneet Singh

Course Description:

Modelling of most of the energy systems require solving differential equations under a set of given conditions and/or constraints. This course gives insight into the available numerical schemes and techniques for solving these equations and selecting the best one among them using criterias like reducing computational costs and obtaining maximum accuracy.

This course is heavy on mathematics.


Course Content:

  • Curve fitting, Regression analysis
  • Interpolation polynomial, Lagrangian
  • Numerical differentiation
  • Stability of schemes(Implicit & Explicit Euler, Trapezoidal, RK 2,3,4)
  • Solutions to ODEs(Boundary value problems & Initial value problems)
  • Matrix stability analysis, Von-Neumann stability analysis,Modified wave-number analysis
  • Test for maxima/ minima
  • Constrained optimization- Lagrange multipliers,Kuhn-Tucker conditions
  • Linear Programming – Simplex tableau
  • Newton’s method in optimization



  • Absolute Grading Scheme : AA>90,90>AB>80 and so on.


  • Assignments (5) : 20%
  • Matlab Assignments(2):20%
  • Quizzes(2):10%
  • Midsem:20%
  • Endsem:30%



1.Moin P.,Fundamentals of Engineering Numerical Analysis.



Added Information:

Class notes are sufficient for solving the questions in exams. Moreover, questions asked in the exam are similar in complexity to those asked in the assignments.

Attendance is not mandatory.