ME 735: Computer Graphics & Product Modelling


Nowadays, all the production industries use some CAD software for design of their products before actual manufacturing. This design is verified by some numerical method like FEM. This saves lot of time, money and effort of experimentation and trial and error. Behind each CAD/CAM software, there is a lot of mathematics involved to generate surfaces, their intersections etc.

This course talks about the geometric algorithms and the data structures used in a CAD tool. Course involves a good amount of mathematics and programming skills are necessary for course project.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to Graphics devices
  • Line drawing algorithms
  • Geometric transformation
  • Projection
  • Design of curves
  • Design of surfaces
  • Geometric modelling and data structures

Students need to do a project in a group of 3-4. Project is basically an implementation of some graphics algorithm by programming in any computer language like C, matlab, python etc. and showing the results. There is a mid-review of project and a presentation at the end of semester.

Grading Pattern:

  • 2 quizzes- 40%
  • Course Project- 20%
  • Endsem- 40%


Most mechanical engineers use some CAD software. So it is interesting to know the mathematics behind it. The course also opens doors to the research in fields like automated path planning in CNC manufacturing, Computer Aided Process Planning (CAPP) etc. Although the course runs in mechanical engineering department, the knowledge is applicable to areas of design and animation also.


Reference Book:

“Computer graphics and product modeling for CAD/CAM”, author: Prof. S. S. Pande


(Written by Shantanu Shahane; Course taught by Prof. S. S. Pande)



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