ME 677: Laser Materials Processing

● Motivation:

Lasers are gaining popularity worldwide as the preferred tool for high-precision machining, surface hardening and precision welding. In aerospace, defence and automotive industries, they are widely used to make precision parts.

In this course, the basics of laser technology and various applications to material processing will be covered.

● Overview:

This course will require a fair amount of commitment in the form of graded assignments, in-class surprise quizzes and a project or paper review at the end of the course.

For the project, expect to use analytical software such as DeForm, COMSOL or ANSYS. TAs are well equipped to guide you, and you can approach Prof. Singh directly if you face further difficulties.

Attendance is not compulsory, but the material taught in class is not compiled and not easily searchable elsewhere. It has a lot of topics from different books and papers. The lecture slides alone are not at all sufficient to do well in the exams. Although Steen is listed as the textbook, only some topics are taken up from it. Attending class and taking down notes will surely get you a good grade since most exams are open notes.

There is also a section on interferometry taught by Prof. Atul Srivastava. This is generally for two or three lectures.

In exams and the project, make sure you do not indulge in copying or plagiarism as Prof. Singh is very strict about this issue. You will receive an FR grade and may also be sent to a DAC. The grading is generally lenient otherwise.

The grading scheme is as follows:

  • Assignments (5) – 15%
  • Quizzes (3) – 10%
  • Mid Sem – 25%
  • Project – 20%
  • End Sem – 30%

● Course Content:

Here is the course handout. It has the lecture by lecture schedule that is generally followed, it may be subject to change.

● Resources:

All lecture slides, homework assignments and solutions are uploaded to the following course website:

This is the official course textbook:

William M. Steen, Laser Material Processing, 3rd Edition, Springer-Verlag, 2008

Topics from this book are taught almost verbatim.

● References:

George Chryssolouris, P. Sheng, Frederick F. Ling (Editors), Laser Machining: Theory and Practice, Springer-Verlag, New York, 1991

Cemil Hakan Gür, Jiansheng Pan, Handbook of Thermal Process Modeling Of Steels, CRC, 2008

Lihui Wang, Jeff Xi (Editors), Smart Devices and Machines for Advanced Manufacturing (Chapter: Laser-Assisted Mechanical Micromachining by Ramesh Singh and Shreyes N. Melkote), Springer-Verlag, 2008

(Written by Vighnesh Vatsal; Course conducted by Prof. Ramesh Singh in Spring 2013-14)


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