CS 224: Computer Networks

Prof, Bhaskar Raman

Course Description:

Although this course does not involve any programming assignments but it is important for a web developer to study all the layers in a computer network. This course provides the basic platform for those choosing to pursue career in networks and it is a pre-requisite for other minor courses also.

Course Content:

This course involved flipped class room style, so you have to watch the video lectures before coming for classes and the prof. will usually explain some important stuff and clear doubts. It consists of a detailed description of all the 7 layers of the computer network.

Attendance, Course Load and Grading:

100% attendance as there are weekly quizzes. SAFE app quizzes weekly, with four more quizzes on SAFE app along with midsem and endsem. 3 hrs per week of lectures. Additional 2 hours per week can be beneficial.

Added Information:

Flipped class room style, excellent video lectures by Prof. Kameshwari Chebrolu.