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Arpit Agarwal H2 9021068886
Shantanu Thakar H2 9423570377
Fifth Year
Akshat Jain H9 9769456923
Kalpak Rane H4 9167647734
Lalit Patidar H9 9004031108
Om Patel H4 9699479058
Rachit Aggarwal H2 8097317849
Ritesh Chaudhari H2 9766544869
Vighnesh Vatsal H2 9867170316
Vincy Gupta H2 9029685961
Fourth Year
Aatish Goyal H2 7738993291
Akash Patil H4 9970057927
Amit Sarkar H9 7738924626
Chinmay Kulkarni H9 9167781753
Lavish Ordia H7 9619835532
Nalla Pratyush H9 9930205017
Nawroz Minsaria H9 9920987997
Paritosh Bhide H9 9930988712
Rik Chatterjee H2 9969961958
Shreyans Kumat H5 8879431872
Shreyas Sharma H3 9619853641
Soovadeep Bakshi H9 8879006154
Tej Vaidya H8 9967304527
Teja Maruvada H9 7738986229
Vibhu Gupta H9 9619865969
Third Year
Anand Lalwani H4 9970002031
Aniket Damle H2 9922770400
Ashwin Khadke H9 9769472411
Atishay Jain H2 9821405905
Chiranshu Agarwal H7 9869686612
Divyanshu Sharma H3 9769930190
Prahlad Kumar H3 9769480163
Purushottam Muthal H9 9325399178
Tanmoy Bhuniya H3 7738710467
Vaibhav Shah H3 9702058755

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