AE153: Introduction to Aerospace Engineering

Prof. Victor Menezes

Course Description:

A nice course, gives a basic introduction about aerodynamics ( lift, drag and some other phenomena). Will help develop a vision on fluid flow in general. Provides an introduction to flight performance and gives an overview of Aerospace Engineering as a whole. Pre-requisite for all further courses in Aerospace Engineering.

Course Content:

  • Nomenclature of Aircraft Parts
  • Basic Aerodynamics
  • Flight performance
  • Calculation of Lift, Drag and respective coefficients
  • Difference between Laminar and Turbulent Flows


Introduction to Flight – John D Anderson

Attendance, Course Load, Grading Policy:

Attendance not compulsory. 3 hours of classes per week. 1-2 hours of extra effort required per week. Professor will ask about the evaluation scheme at the beginning of the course. Grading is very chill. Hence, can be tagged as an institute elective later.

Added Information:

Lectures are poor and can study better from the reference book and off the internet.