AE 415: Spaceflight Mechanics

Prof. Ashok Joshi

Course Content: 

Will get to learn about the trajectory of the spacecraft for half the semester. And then the course is based on the three rules of Kepler’s. Most of the course contains derivations. You will have to learn all the derivations as formula sheet is not allowed and derivations are asked in the exam which very theoretical.

Attendance, Course Load and Grading:

Attendance is compulsory. Prof is really strict about it.

2 Quizzes, Mid sem, End sem and a course project. However, the written tests are not very tough. Questions are asked mostly from the lectures. Surprise quizzes are taken but they are easy.

Two days a week. Each day a 1.5 hour class. 1 hour for revising the lectures.

Added Information:

Lectures are average in my opinion. But you might need to pay attention in class as the lectures slides do not contain everything. Lecture slides is the main reference.