AE 234: Aircraft Propulsion

Prof. AM Pradeep

Course Description:

This course falls under the Propulsion sub-group of Aerospace Engineering. You will get to learn about various engines used in air crafts. Theoretical part is interesting but it also involves more intense thermodynamic calculations. Basic course in propulsion. It will reflect whether you are interested in this field of Aerospace Engineering or not.

Course Content:

It deals in detail with the different parts of an Aircraft Engine and their analysis. Topics include:

  • Brayton Cycle
  • Brayton Cycle with Reheating
  • Regeneration and Intercooling
  • Aircraft Engine Intake
  • Axial and Centrifugal Compressors
  • Turbines
  • Nozzles and Afterburners

Attendance, Course Load, Grading Policy:

Attendance not compulsory. Only 1 question in quizzes, not tough if you do the tutorials. No assignments. 3 hours of classes per week. 1-2 hours extra effort per week for tutorials and other doubts. Very chill.

Added Information:

Lecture slides and tutorials are enough to do well in the course.